Frequently Asked Questions

Do wombats make good pets?

No, they do not.

Wombats are wild animals and if not given the right environment can become depressed, aggressive and dangerous.

Is my donation tax deductible?


Can I make a one-off donation?

Yes, you can make a one-off donation.

How many wombats do you currently look after

At our sanctuary, we have anywhere up to 90 wombats in care at any time.

Is there a World Wombat Day?

World Wombat Day is held on October 22 every year.

How can I join to help your cause?

There are several ways you can help our Wombats. This includes becoming a volunteer, joining our Wombat Adoption Club (WAC) or by simply following us on our social media accounts.

What will my donation go towards?

Donations go towards the rescue and care of the Wombats in our sanctuary. In addition, we use a portion of the donations for relief projects to help more Wombats around Australia!

Can I come to see your Wombats in person?

We are a private sanctuary, however, we do have open days where you can come to see and hold our beautiful Wombats. We advertise the dates for open days on our social media.

How will donations help Wombats in your sanctuary?

Donations ensure every wombat that requires rescuing receives immediate support, assisted by our on-call veterinarian. Our incredible sanctuary is able to provide the best opportunity for the injured or orphaned wombat to make a full recovery. Wombats in the wild will often suffer from drought, fires, habitat loss and disease.

What positive impact do Wombats have on our ecosystem?

Wombats have an extremely important role in the efficiency of our ecosystem. Their burrows infiltrate water into the water table, provide vital habitat to other species of wildlife. In addition, they aerate the soil and germination rates of native grasses is 70% higher.

Help us help the wombats

Donate today or join the Wombat Adoption Club!

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