How We Can All Coexist

Although wombats are native to Australia, the are often referred to as pests by landholders and the farming community due to their burrows.

To help ease the conflict between man and wombat, WAO began assisting landholders to establish viable, non lethal management methods. The least invasive the better!
Wombats are easy to live with when they are allowed to live peacefully.

Wombats are culled and can be culled via a Destruction permit but things that we have found over the past 15 years show that culling is an ineffective form of management due to:

Wombats are very territorial and they self regulate their population. The removal or killing of the dominant male and/or female, increases the population as these dominant wombats within each family group controls who breeds, stops new wombats from joining plus pushes young wombats out that are born within the group.

Tampering with burrows creates more activity! Wombat burrows are designed to infiltrate water into the water table. They are highly beneficial to the land and are crafted in a very specific way. When burrows are tampered with, wombats will often go above and beyond their former structure to reinstate proper function.

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