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About The Wombat Adoption Club

Every year, WAO responds to hundreds of calls for wombats in distress. This may be wombats that have been hit by cars or orphaned, wombats that have come from hunts or wombats that are starving from drought, suffering from sarcoptic mange or have come in direct conflict with landholders.

WAO helps as many wombats as possible and provides a 24 hour state wide rescue service, rehabilitation facility plus a beautiful free range sanctuary for wombats who can not be returned to the wild due to injury, unsafe or unviable habitat.

WAO receives no Government funding and relies solely on the kindness of others via donations to help the wombats.

By joining the WAC you will be directly helping us to save and help more wombats.

Your ongoing financial support of $20 per month saves lives! You will receive a WAC certificate plus gain entry to our Members only Facebook page where you get to see directly how you are helping us to save more wombats

Help us help the wombats

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