Meet Some of Our Wombats


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Puddin was orphaned in a hunt and came to live with us in 2008. Puddy suffered brain damage but over time adjusted to living a supported life in the safety of our sanctuary. He is our biggest male wombat weighing over 40 kilograms!


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Timothy was surrendered to us back in 2009 after being raised illegally as a pet. He was deformed from malnutrition and required extension veterinary care. Within three years, Timmy had transformed and although he is our smallest boy, he has loads of personality! Timothy lives out in our sanctuary but returns home every night to his favourite spot on the lounge.


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Pebbles was orphaned in a hunt then taken in by police and sent to a specialised carer to raise. When Pebbles was ready to meet other wombats, she came to live with us! Pebbles is the most vigorous playing wombat in our sanctuary.

Apricot Surprise

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We first saw Apri sitting on her burrow in the wild. She was bald and very skinny. She was succumbing to the drought. But she let us know that she wanted help by running towards our car. We did not catch her that day but the following day, Apri was rescued and bought back to the sanctuary. She has always acted like she has always lived here and oozes confidence and sass!


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Pearl was orphaned on the Eyre Peninsula and was being looked after by unlicensed people who wanted us to look after her whilst they went on holiday. Pearl was surrendered to our sanctuary as a very frightened little girl but soon found her love for life and has the best games.


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Sue was orphaned 8 years ago after her mother was hit by a car. Sue suffered a fractured spine and sports the cutest wiggle when she walks. Sue is incredibly sweet and gentle but has a very determined look on life.


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Bubbles was rescued from a severe drought. She was so thin and lost all of her hair. She found such comfort in her bed that she slept for 18 months only to wake up one day and decide she was ready to join the rest of our wombat family in the sanctuary. She has a compromised immune system and brings herself home when she needs rest or help.


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Luna was found living under a house. She was dying from sarcoptic mange and was too difficult to catch. Eventually, she knew that she needed help and sat and waited to be picked up and carried back to our sanctuary. The rehabilitation time for Luna is around two years.


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P.Kiddy was orphaned as a tiny baby girl in a hunt. Her mother was eaten but her life was lucky enough to be spared. She was very shut down emotionally and took a good year to become the very happy, playful little love that she is.


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Porky was rescued by our sanctuary back in 2010. She was in someone’s garage in a healthy state, she did not settle at all so we took her home where she happily went to her burrow.

Ten years later, we received a phone call for a wombat in a major country town. When we went to pick her up, it was Porky! She is an elderly wombat now who will live her retirement in the safety of our sanctuary.

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